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As you can see, the provider now does support the feature on Android. Perhaps this is not that surprising considering that complaining, in general, is a more popular activity than taking time to praise a product or service. Redditors find the lack of live chat support very disappointing. Conversely if you dupe the user with false promises, prepare to face its wrath. Never had an issue with them whatsoever.


When it comes to finding the best paid VPN, Reddit is a practical source of information.

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The speed of internet connection is slowed down significantly when PureVPN app is on about 7Mbps instead of possible Mbps. Lagging, high-pings, and latency are the bane of smooth gameplay.

Mullvad offers a 3-hour free trial so you test out its service before you subscribe. It is a robust service and they are gearing for further improvement by open sourcing their internal codes and techniques.

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This feature is of immense help in protecting your identity when your connection drops and you are at your most vulnerable. Still not sure which VPN is the best choice for you? You only need to visit reddit to see that for yourself.

The best VPNs mentioned on Reddit perform good speed test results at large.

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Three-hour free trial and a day money-back guarantee Anonymous accounts Accepts cash payments Reddit is full of die-hard Mullvad fans who are excited about its cost-effective prices and easy-to-use, no-frills approach.

Which is pretty rare to find among VPN providers and arguably of the most crucial things in order to verify the claims of the provider.

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For all of the good reviews it gets, it's surprising that subscriptions are so affordable but we're not complaining. P2P file-sharing is impossible. There are a few such VPNs, unfortunately, that have violated user trust with scams and shady practices.

During this time, the user notes that the service has been through its up and downs. This is why it is wise to make use of VPNs to ensure platforms like Reddit remain unblocked, as modern activism and political demonstrations increasingly rely on social media to raise awareness and mobilize the masses.

So which VPN should you use for gaming? You can find countless comments by user praising the higher speeds.

2. PureVPN

We generally advise readers to avoid free VPN services. Source: Reddit The user also praises customer service.

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Nord also offers a Smart Play feature for a faster and a smoother streaming experience. NordVPN offers advanced features as well and although the speeds may vary, if you are looking for strong protection for your privacy, it is definitely a VPN that needs to be considered.

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When users attempted to go to certain ecommerce websites while connected to Hotspot Shield, the VPN would redirect them instead to affiliate sites where it stood to make a buck if a sale goes through. But Private Internet Access has still, to its credit, managed to gain credibility over the years as an incredibly secure VPN.

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Private Internet Access VPN burkina faso vpn comparison as hell isn't a sexy app connect to hong kong ip with vpn want to open all the time so just set it to automatically open when you log inbut what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for with a long list of features.

But you know that something is wrong when the entire community is opposed to a certain service. Experts on hand to answer all your questions and provide basic support. Our right to speak our minds freely is usually the first to be violated by a regime under threat of removal by protests and demonstrations.

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Their software is among the best vpn reddit comparison in the market and there are versions compatible with practically every platform. I haven't had a single issue, with payments, speed, performance, reliability or security… Connect to hong kong ip with vpn only differences in speed I've seen have been maybe mbs down, and most the time it's hardly even that.

Hola VPN Hola is a free peer-to-peer VPN service that is widely believed to be a botnet that actually puts the whole Internet and general users at risk.

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It stated that Nord had begun doing poorly, no longer unblocking Netflix, severely reducing speeds, providing terrible customer support, and leaking the IP address.

Read CyberGhost review for detailed insights. With clients for Android, iOS, Windows, and routers, there are plenty of options to keep your tech and information protected. Basic, but superb.